Palm Oil Fractionation
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Membrane Filter Press
Flow Chart of Palm Oil Processing
Operation Phiosophy of Membrane Filter Press
In Palm oil Refinery and down stream fractionation and specialty fats processing industry, the fully automated side bars designed membrane filter presses are used to separate various types of Palm stearine from Palm olein in crystallised slurry palm oil fractionation processes.
In order to cater for a wide range of markets, the Refiners start to offer product which are “harder”(Stearin) and “more liquid”(olein) than palm oil. These are accomplished through a simple process of fractionation which is based on two fundamental operations:
  • Crystallization
  • Filtration

Fractionation of palm oil can be described as follow. The triglycerides found in the oil have different melting points. At certain temperature, the lower melting temperature triglycerides will crystallize into solid separating the oils into both liquid (Olein) and solid (Stearin) fraction. The fraction can then be separated by filtration.

After the crystallization process, the slurry from buffer tank passses through the filtration process for the physical separation between RBD palm stearin and RBD palm olein. Presently, the membrane filter is used for this filtration. Another alternative for this purpose is by employing drum filter for separation.

As we possessed good knowledge and long practical operation and production experience in various oil and fat fractionation processes, we had developed special skills to ensure excellent cake dryness from our Membrane Plates.

It is worth mentioning that in palm oil fractionation, palm olein is the premium product and the palm stearin is the discount product.

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