Palm Oil Fractionation
Palm Oil & Palm Kernel Oil
Membrane Filter Press
Flow Chart of Palm Oil Processing
Operation Phiosophy of Membrane Filter Press

The initial operation of a membrane filter press is identical to that of its recessed chamber counterpart.

However once the filtration cycle is complete and final filtration pressure is achieved the feed into the filter press is stopped.

At this point the plates within the Filter Press can be inflated using either air or hydraulic pressure to exert a mechanical force on the filter cake retained in the chamber.

The effect of the squeeze is to physically compress the filter cake and force out additional moisture held within the cake giving a drier end result.

The membrane filter is pressure filter where the filter pack comprising a series of chamber is compressed between one fixed and one movable cover or bulk-head. The filter media are located between each individual element. Cake will build up in the hollow space between the elements and fall out of the press when the filter pack is opened. Composition of the filter pack is by means of hydraulic system, which controls the entire mechanical parts of units, head plates, filter plates, plate shifting device with the built in panel board.
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